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Writer's Block: Copy and paste

How would you react if you found out someone plagiarized your work and published it?

Oh man I would be so furious. I wouldn't even know what to do :[
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There was a writer on Quizilla.com (wow makes me feel really old) who had a great story about a girl's misadventures at an all-boys school. Someone had stolen her work and reposted it on fanfiction.net. She was so upset that she locked her stories and prevented anyone from reading them for a while :/. I can't remember what else happened but I do know that after the temporary lockdown she let her fans continue reading. My memory is pretty blurry because I don't remember if she ever finished that series or what. Hmm

Edit: I feel so cool using the free Paid Account trial. I'm so sad I would no longer be able to use these benefits. Ah, well. Gotta make the most of it before the trial ends!

Maybe they do understand

It's great to have parents that know how to knock some sense into your mind when you're in that moment where you think you know everything. I'm so grateful. Where would I be without them?

Real Madrid vs. Barcelona

This was such an awesome game! I didn't get to see it live because I was at school but I caught the reply an hour later. So much tension and intensity between both rivals. Being surrounded by 900,000 shouting Barca fans has gotta make someone feel extremely overwhelmed. I love the history between these teams. This is the reason why you CANNOT support both teams. I'm not even from either city (or Spain for that matter) to understand how much of a big deal it is but folks over here (ahem...glory hunters) don't really care and think it's okay to cheer for two popular teams who happen to hate each other. C'mon now, Figo got bottles and a pig's head thrown at him for switching from Real to Barca--not that I'm condoning the angry fans' actions because I think using violence to express your hatred is terrible (especially when it comes to sports) -__- *shakes head* Sports is SERIOUS.

I've never seen Sergio Ramos this angry before but lol @ Puyol's exaggerated fall. I really don't think Ramos pushed you that hard ;)

"Don't Let Nobody Turn You 'Round!"

A friend of mine from school always seems to encounter the strangest people on the transit bus. However, unlike the rambling story tellers I get she meets the ones that seem to be ticking time bombs in a human's body.

So the guy was talking loudly and kept saying the word "bitch". A woman became irritated and politely told him to stop because it's a derogatory word. Bomb goes off. Dynamite explodes. The man is cussing left and right, calling her names. CRACK WHORE! He even insinuates that she must like him. The woman fires back, her friend jumps in to defend her. He continues spewing out ugliness as the woman and her friend ignore him and carry their own conversation.

A comment by one of the passengers struck me as my friend was telling me what happened:
Shut up. You're making black people look bad!

What I would've thought years ago: YEAH, SHAME ON YOU, STUPID!
What I think now: Uh, no...

Let me explain further.
I do not like, in fact I hate how ethnic minorities are made to feel that an individual's actions reflect on us. And it's always negative things. Why should I be ashamed when a black person is acting a fool in public? He is not my brother nor my friend. There is no relation whatsoever, so why I should I be embarrassed?

If white people automatically detach themselves from white mass murderers, white child molesters or just a regular foolish Joe/Jane on the bus, why can't I do the same? Who makes these rules? A white thief is simply a thief, a black thief is...you see what I mean? Think about it.

I don't feel the need to put aside my individuality just because SOMEONE ELSE decides to be stupid. I am my own person and so are they. My failures and successes are mine, yours are yours (not saying there's something wrong with being proud of others' accomplishments).

I no longer squeeze my eyes shut and clasp my hands together, hoping and praying that the shooter on the news isn't a black man. I wish we'd all stop doing this. I no longer care that the girl who kissed her teeth at you and gave you cut-eye for stepping on her shoes (by accident) happened to be black. I DON'T APOLOGIZE FOR ANYONE.
I don't care who they are. There are mean-spirited people in every group and it just so happens that the mean ones are the loudest. They are not disgraces to our race. Life is already hard then it is, I don't need to be responsible for a stranger's deeds When you continue to think like this you give yourself a heavy burden to carry. You allow others to think it's okay to place ridiculous expectations upon you. You allow them to continue in their ignorance. You are ultimately doing a disservice to yourself.

How many times have you been in this situation?

Non-black person: DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE FIGHT?!
Black person: Oh yeah! What happened?
NBP: Blahblahrambleramblenomnom
BP: I bet they were black, huh?
NBP: Yup. Two black girls!
BP: Thought so *rolls eyes*

I can say that I have reacted that way before but I smartened up and saw how damaging that kind of way of thinking is. When that black person continues to say stuff like, "I don't like how some black people are so damn ghetto!" "They sound so uneducated when they speak slang." "Why are their pants so low? They look stupid." "I find black women annoying, overbearing and TOO LOUD (Black men, can you please stop saying this crap to your non-black girlfriends? It gives them some sort of superiority complex and it pisses me off. Thanks)." Especially around non-blacks, you're doing a very dangerous thing. You are helping them form (or encourage already existing) racist/prejudiced attitudes. I won't go further, you can ponder that.

However, I do understand why people get anxious and angry when someone of the same ethnic/racial background does something stupid/criminal. It's because society has already taught us from birth that we are hardly individuals and are merely faceless masses of people who act and talk the same way. No uniqueness, no exceptions, no differences. No good you do erases what the world already thinks of your people as a whole. We get angry because we know that the fool on the news worsens our image and makes it harder for us. It sucks but you know what? Those who place another person's mistakes on an entire group of people are the ones with the real problems. If you honestly think it makes sense to assume I'm going to steal your jewelery because I'm black (yeah, looking at you elderly lady from the mall), then there is something wrong with you.

If I made you uncomfortable with this post, then I did my job right :). Time to listen to Michael Jackson's Keep the Faith for the 500th time.
What's your favorite tip for great looking skin all over your body?

I use carbolic soap for my face and ever since I bought it my face has cleared up (ah, 'cept there's this annoying, painful pimple on my brow and I popped it. Bad idea, I know). It's good with acne control. I started using primrose oil soap for my when I take showers, it's good for dry skin as well as aloe and vitamin E soap (which is what I'm currently using). Tea tree oil soap is also excellent for dry skin and is ideal for shaving, leaves your skin really soft :) And I use pure shea butter after I shower/wash my face. I don't use commercial soaps anymore because of the amount of chemicals in there and how dry my skin would get when I used them.

I get all my soap from a wonderful place called Bulk Barn but you can find all kinds of soaps at various health stores.

I just finished my biology essay outline and I'm exhausted. I still have to finish my French homework and it's almost 12am :/

Everything hurts

Lately, for the past couple of days my body had been feeling quite odd. It's nothing too worrying. My throat was a bit scratchy for a while, I was feeling quite nauseous and expected myself to throw up at any moment, my index finger in my left hand was hurting for some weird reason,right now my stomach feels like it's burning AND whenever I walk around school campus my legs feel strangely heavy and a little sore. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH MY BODY???? :( At first I figured I was coming down with the cold but my colds NEVER start off like that. So, maybe it's the flu? -__- I should probably be worrying right now. I'll probably go to the walk-in-clinic (oh, how I hate them) and see what's wrong with me.

I've got a lot of things to do this week for school which I don't feel like thinking about but I know it'll come back to bite me if I don't focus and get things done. Ughh I also gotta call the bank and take care of some things -__-

Ah yes, I encountered another stranger situation a couple of days ago! I was boarding the bus to go home and I happened to have a brown paper bag with my lasagna lunch in it. A woman that was seated across from me asked me whether the bus was going to the mall. I politely answered yes even though I thought the question was a little silly. So, I'm settling in my seat, minding my own business when she calls for my attention but I ignore her (I was wasn't trying to be rude, I think I didn't respond because I thought she was calling someone else. Idk lol).

Woman: *waving her hand to catch my attention*
Me: *looks at her*
Woman: Is that your food? *pointing to my paper bag*
Me: Yeah
Woman: Can I have some? :D
Me: No. It's mine :S

I tried to be as polite as possible. I wasn't annoyed with the woman or anything just a little taken aback that she'd ask for my food, not knowing what it was! I mean, I wasn't going to give her any of my food because I had no idea who she was plus what if she was allergic to whatever I had for lunch? I wonder if that had been her first time on the bus because once we reached the mall and the bus stopped at the terminal she had no idea how to open the door, she stood there facing it. Since I was behind her, I opened it quickly before anyone got annoyed with the hold up.

Also, for anyone who follows English football, is Wayne Rooney not the most foolish person on the planet right now? Seriously, the whole wanting to leave Man Utd (for more moolah!) is annoying me and I'm not even a fan of the team.

Writer's Block: On the road again

If you could go on a road trip with any person, dead or alive, who would it be, and where would you go?

Michael Jackson, Marlon Brando and I'll probably throw in Cristiano Ronaldo because I think he's hilarious. We will all go on a road trip---Where would we go? I haven't thought of the desired destination(s)yet. Give me time.

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Writer's Block: Comfortably numb

Where is your favorite place to relax?

Parks with lots of trees and grass calm me down but sooner or later all those annoying bugs flying past my ears ruin my relaxation. It isn't really much fun slapping your legs and arms (mosquitoes suck) every second.
Which alias or code name would you be known by if you were a secret agent?

I have two:

Phillipine Warner
Lilly Monsoon
Earl (don't ask)

LOL I don't think I could ever be a secret agent. I'd be like this the whole time

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Writer's Block: Star struck

Do you think celebrities deserve as much recognition, attention, and money as we, as a society, give them? What do you think it says about our cultural values?

I believe that they do deserve recognition, attention and money to a certain extent. The money thing kinda bothers me more than anything (I've seen a breakdown of how much David Beckham makes and I have to swallow my vomit). I think it's ridiculous how much people get paid per episode/movie when folks who actually contribute to society get peanuts compared to these celebs. Indeed they are many actors and musicians who actually worked hard to get where they're at but it isn't the same nowadays. It's so easy to become famous now--sex tapes, trashy reality shows, child of famous parents, etc. There are so many kids who say they want to be famous but for what?

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All the glitz and glamour reels them in and makes you feel that your regular life is boring and unsatisfying and empty. There are plenty of singers and rappers who actually say those things in their music. Look at how people respond when someone criticizes their favourite artist: "WELL AT LEAST _____ IS MAKING MORE MONEY/PRETTIER/MORE SUCCESSFUL THAN YOU!" Why should I have to feel bad? Why should I have to drool with envy when some celeb is giving a tour around his/her mansion (and most of the time it isn't even their real house)? Why should I want to be YOU when you probably struggle with privacy, drug abuse, friendships, marriages, gossip & slander, self-esteem issues, identity crises, public scrutiny, etc?

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There is nothing wrong with liking a famous actor, sports star, musician, etc but if it engulfs your life and you actually WANT to be them I think that is a major problem. I think people need to examine their priorities and start taking care of their own lives. Just don't end up like this guy.

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